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Vestre Aker

Vestre Aker (Western Aker) is a district of the city of Oslo, Norway. It has a population of 49,153 as of 2019.

The previous Aker Municipality was merged into the city of Oslo in 1948.

The district of Vestre Aker was organized as part of the 1 January 2004 reform. Previous boroughs Vinderen and Røa became part of the new district of Vestre Aker. Vestre Aker District does not correspond to Vestre Aker parish of the Church of Norway, that lies east of Vestre Aker District. Vestre Aker District belongs to Ris, Røa and Voksen parishes of the Church of Norway.

Situated in the hillside west of the city centre, Vestre Aker is known for being one of the wealthiest parts of Oslo.

Ready started playing in the Norwegian Bandy Premier League 2004–05 and has ever since.

The borough consists of the following traditional districts of Oslo:

  • Holmenkollen, the location of the Holmenkollen ski jump
  • Tryvann
  • Vinderen
  • Røa
  • Sørkedalen
  • Smestad, Oslo

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