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Veierland is a populated, carfree island in Færder municipality, Norway. A ferry service operated by Jutøya AS connects the island with the nearby, larger island of Nøtterøy. The island also has a permanent ferry link to Engø peninsula in nearby Sandefjord. Veierland lies in the Tønsberg Fjord, south of Nøtterøy Island, and west of Tjøme Island. The island measures 4.4 square kilometres and has approximately 150 full-time residents. It lies just east of Sandefjord, connected by a 10-15 minute ferry ride onboard MF Jutøya. As of 2015, Veierland is home to 450 vacation homes and 150 full-time residents. It is a car-free island, but residents may have permits for driving mopeds and tractors. Its church was established in 1905, while Veierland School closed in 2013.

Author Jens Bjørneboe purchased a home on Veierland from singer-songwriter Ole Paus, and lived on the island until his death on May 9, 1976. Ole Paus has written a song entitled “Veierland” (on the album “Stjerner i rennesteinen”) about the island, while author Karin Bang has written three novels in which the island goes by the name Jutøy. Artist Edvard Munch spent the summer of 1887 on the island, and painted numerous works while visiting on Veierland.

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