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Ljan (Norwegian pronunciation: [jɑːn]) is a residential neighborhood in the borough Nordstrand in Oslo, Norway. It is located in the eastern rolling hillsides of the fjord Bunnefjorden. To the south Ljanselva which begins at Lutvann has its mouth, and where it runs through Liadalen at Ljan it also constitutes the border with borough Søndre Nordstrand. The number of inhabitants was about 3,500 in 2004. Ljan Church is known as one of the very few churches in Norway that was built in the 1930s in the Romanesque Revival style. The public beaches at Ljan are Hvervenbukta, Ljansbadet and Katten, and in addition there are a number of private bath houses along Mosseveien. The borders to the north and east are less obvious and drawn between the school circuits Ljan and Nordstrand. The name originates with an Old Norse river name Ljǫrn but the meaning has been lost to time.

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