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Vinger is a traditional district and a parish as well as being a former municipality in Kongsvinger in Innlandet, Norway. The parish of Vinger (Vinger sogn) was established as a municipality on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt).

In 1855, Kongsvinger was separated from Vinger to form a distinct municipality. After this partition Vinger had a population of 10,947 whereas Kongsvinger had 472. In 1864, Eidskog was separated from Vinger, resulting in a population of 6,226. On 1 January 1876 a part of Vinger containing 209 inhabitants was transferred to Kongsvinger. On 1 January 1964 Vinger together with Brandval, was merged with Kongsvinger municipality. As this took place Vinger had a population of 6,257.

Vingar is located on the south side of the Glomma River, opposite the city of Kongsvinger. The village is located on European route E16 which connects the village to Oslo approximately, a distance of about 75 km.

Vinger Church (Vinger kirke) is a white painted wooden cruciform church dating from 1697. It features an onion domed bell tower dating from 1855. The church was constructed in cruciform and has a seating capacity of 618. The square in front of the church was originally parade ground, but is now used for parking. The church was rebuilt in 1854–1855 at which time the church got its onion-shaped dome. Vinger church was painted white in 1868–1869.

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