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Petrusville is a town in Northern Cape area of South Africa.

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  • Van der Kloof Dam, the second largest dam on the Orange River with the highest dam wall (108 m) in South Africa is located about 15km outside the town.


  • Go for a 4x4 trail in the mountains or hike in a nearby canyon.


  • Gobble and Go: This unlikely-named and once a thriving transport cafe is the only fast-food remaining in Petrusville. More choice may be found by making the short detour to Vanderkloof.
  • Buzzzzy Beez: Art and Crafts shop located just off the main road in Fourie Street. (There will be a sign board, so look out for directions.) Tea or coffee and soft drinks as well as old fashioned ginger beer or wheat beer (koring bier) will be served, ice cold. Gifts galore, antiques, crafts and art. Started by very busy ladies of the vicinity, hence the name Buzzzzy Beez.




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