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Prague Gardens by Liz Fisher

About this guidebook

Prague has many parks and gardens, so anytime you get tired of noisy city center and crowds, you can escape to one of them and enjoy its peaceful atmosphere.   Some gardens include playgrounds and some are venues for concerts and theatre performances.

Franciscan Garden (Frantiskanska Zahrada) is a calm place in the middle of the busy city center.  The area already served as a garden in the 14th century when the New Town was built.  You can relax on one of many benches while you enjoy your wonderful ice cream bought in the Pasaz Svetozor. 

Gardens of Prague Castle are definitely worth of visiting.  Prague Castle is surrounded by six gardens, and Royal Garden is the most significant of them.  The Garden of the Bastion (Na Baste) was built in the Italian and Japanese style and is also significant.  The remaining gardens are the Garden of the Ramparts (Na Valech), Hartig Garden, and the Garden of the Terrace of the Riding School.

Wallenstein Garden (Valdstejnska zahrada) was designen in Baroque style as well as the Wallenstein Palace from the beginning of the 17th century, nowadays the seat of the Senate of the Czech Republic.  The garden is decorated with statues which represent heroes from Greek mythology.  Many concerts and theater performances are organized in garden's Sala terrena.

Petrin Park is located just across from Prague Castle and offers one of the most beautiful views of the city.  This park is a place for lovers, and the statue of Karel Hynek Macha, the famous Czech romantic poet, is seen by many locals on May 1 in celebration of May Day -  a holiday dedicated to love and spring. 

This Baroque garden is one of the most beautiful Prague gardens.The terrace garden is decorated with sculptures of Matyas Bernard Braun and frescoes of Vaclav Vavrinec Reiner.  The Vrtba Garden is a unique masterpiece and is the most charming garden of its type north of the Alps.
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