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AH\'LO Carmelo Hostel Boutique
AH\'LO Carmelo Hostel Boutique - dream vacation

Treinta y Tres 270 entre Zorrilla de San Martin y CarmenCarmelo

Las Candelas
Las Candelas - dream vacation

Tabare y CharruaCarmelo

Posada Campotinto
Posada Campotinto - dream vacation

Camino de los PeregrinosCarmelo

Carmelo Hostel
Carmelo Hostel - dream vacation

Ignacio Barrios 431Carmelo

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Carmelo is a city in the Rio de la Plata region of Uruguay, popular for its wineries, golf, and coastline.


In addition to wineries, golf courses, and access to the river, Carmelo probably has the highest density of gyms per inhabitant all over Uruguay. It might well be due to the fact that not much else but wine is happening in Carmelo.

Get in

Buses are available from Colonia, Montevideo, and other cities in Uruguay.

Ferries are available from Tigre, Argentina. Check out the comprehensive country article for more information.

Get around

The city of Carmelo is compact enough to walk around, but some of the attractions are in the surrounding area, so a car or motorcycle is helpful.


  • 1 Capilla San Roque. A chapel built in 1869.
  • 2 Puente de Carmelo (Carmelo Bridge). A swing bridge (puente giratorio) built in 1912. An example of German engineering, but considering the fixed power cables at its exterior, it is probably not operated very often.
  • 3 Teatro Uamá. A theater whose name means "friend" in the extinct Chaná language that was once spoken in Uruguay.
  • 4 Templo Histórico del Carmen. Built in 1830. It is being renovated.
  • 5 Teatro de Verano "Román Iturburúa".


Carmelo has a yacht club, beaches, and wineries.

  • 1 Sunset at the beach. Watch the supposedly best sunset at the river side of Carmelo with Argentina on the other side.
  • Canteras. Ever fancied a 20 or 10 m jump? This is where you can do it. It is a kind of natural pool of former quarries. The are three to four northeast of Carmelo.
  • 2 Several smaller pools (4.5 km northeast of the centre of Carmelo). Behind the one on the western side of the road another on can be found through the bushes.
  • 3 Large pool (south of Cerro Carmelo).
  • 4 Bodega El Legado, ☏ +598 98 307 193. Winery offering free visits, excellent bottles of wine for sale, and dégustation.
  • Wine Tasting. This seems to be more a touristy immitation instead of the real deal where in the end you would also buy some bottles which would compensate for the tasting. US$25-30.
  • Bicycle. Carmelo Hostel rents bicycles. U$250 morning to evening.


  • 1 Ta-Ta Supermarket. closes 22:00. Large selection and not expensive beyond the ordinary.



Surprisingly there are many bars in town.


  • 1 Carmelo Hostel & Garden, Ignacio Barrios 431 (Between 19 de Abril street and Sarandí street), ☏ +598 45423281, +598 94341049, ✉ Hostel_Carmelo@hotmail.com. Check-in: 11:30, check-out: 11:00. Nice and clean hostel. Kitchen, garden, 6-bed dorms. Also has private rooms. Probably your only budget option in town. Dorm US$18.

Go next

Nearby places are the picturesque Colonia, historic Fray Bentos, and the spa towns of Paysandú and Salto, the latter of which can be quite hot in summer.

Heading inland, consider Grutas del Palacio as a destination.

If driving to Argentina, your first stop can be Gualeguaychú, which is famous for its carnival and hot springs. If you cross the river by ferry, you'll probably find yourself in the metropolis of Buenos Aires or the town of Tigre (known for tours of the Paraná Delta).

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