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Courtyard by Marriott Bridgetown Barbados
Courtyard by Marriott Bridgetown Barbados - dream vacation

The Garrison Historic Area,HastingsBridgetown

Beaumont Suites
Beaumont Suites - dream vacation

Beaumont House Hastings Main RoadBridgetown

Santa Neta Apartments
Santa Neta Apartments - dream vacation

Hastings | Christ Church, Hastings 15, BarbadosBridgetown

Princess Bridgetown
Princess Bridgetown - dream vacation

29 Apt B Princess Country Drive Oldbury Terrace St Phillip Po8Bridgetown

Coconut Court Beach Hotel Christ Church
Coconut Court Beach Hotel Christ Church - dream vacation

The Garrison Historic Area HastingsBridgetown

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Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados, the eastern most island of the Caribbean. Bridgetown is the only city on Barbados and well over half the island's residents live there. Bridgetown is the port of call for many cruise ships and is known for its duty-free shopping as much as for its more cultural and historical attractions. The historic Bridgetown and its garrison constitute a world heritage site.

This article covers everything in Bridgetown itself and also the rest of St Michael Parish.

Get in

Bridgetown is the hub for the island's cheap and convenient buses. Buses from the south arrive at the Bus Terminal near the city center and buses from the north and center arrive at the bus terminal near Cheapside Market to the north of city center. Note that southern buses arrive outside the terminal, but you have to go into the terminal (entrance just around the corner near the bridge) to catch departing buses.

Get around

Most of the Bridgetown sites are in easy walking distance of city center. City buses run to many of the outlying sights, such as the Savanna Green. For sights off the main roads, such as the Malibu Rum Factory, a taxi or private car is your best option. See the Getting Around section of Barbados for more about transportation options.


  • 1 Barbados Museum, St. Ann's Garrison, St. Michael (On the western edge of the race course), ☎ +1 246 427 0201, fax: +1 246 436 1956, e-mail: musepr@barbmuse.org.bb. Mon-Sat 9AM-5PM, Sun 2PM-6PM. Housed in the former British Military Prison, the Barbados Museum is an excellent place to go to catch up on the history of the island though you'll have the place to yourself. The exhibits start from the time the coral island first appeared; briefly cover the history of the indigenous people of Barbados; the arrival of Europeans and African slaves and the culture of the island during the colonial period; the emancipation of slaves; independence from the British; and more recent history. There is an interactive children's section that the young ones will enjoy. A small concession serves cold drinks. B$15/B$7.50 Adults/Children.
  • 2 St. Mary's Church, ☎ +1 246 426 2761. The current Georgian building was constructed in 1827 but there has been a church here since 1630.
  • Careenage. Once a port for ships, the Careenage now houses restaurants, bars, and boutiques set in what used to be warehouses and stores for ship supplies. Well protected from the open sea, walk along the Careenage with period buildings on one side and fishing and pleasure boats on the other, stop off for a rum at the Waterfront Cafe, and (with a bit of imagination!) you can almost step 150 years back in time!
  • Parliament, Broad Street, Barbados (Near Trafalgar Square). The neo-Gothic parliament buildings are open to the public when parliament is in session.
  • Broad Street
  • Swan Street
  • St. Mary's Church
  • Cheapside Market


  • 1 Mount Gay Rum Distillery Tour, Spring Garden Highway, Brandons, St. Michael Parish, ☎ +1 246-425-8757, fax: +1 246-425-8770, e-mail: charmaine.hooper@remy-cointreau.com. M-F 9:30-15:30, Sa 10AM-4PM. Sugarcane, the primary agricultural crop of Barbados, is "rum in the first phase," and you can see how sugarcane is made into the final product at the Mount Gay Rum Distillery. Three tours types are offered: Standard tour (US $8, B$16) approximately 45 minutes long, starting every hour, kids free; Cocktail tour (US $40, B$80) approximately 2 hours long, starting at 14:00 Wednesday, includes a cocktail-making contest at the end of the tour, where the tour participants make their own cocktails with Mount Gay Rum and other ingredients, and compete for the best cocktail; Lunch tour (US $60, B$120) approximately 2 hours, by reservation only. Includes an outdoor Bajan lunch, along with the omnipresent rum punch. Note that the distillery's flash website is so overwrought and confusing as to be not worth your while—give them a call directly to set something up. US $8-60.
  • The Dive Shop (Scuba Dive), Ameys Alley, Upper Bay St, St. Michael, ☎ +1 246-426-9947. A one tank dive is US $60 and a 2-tank dive is US $100. Resort class and dive is US $85. Multi-dive packages also exist, such as a 3-dive (1-day) package. Snorkeling is also offered for US $25 US $60-100.
  • Watch Cricket. Kensington Oval is like the Lord's of the West Indies. If you're lucky enough, try to catch a one day international or a test match at the oval and you'll get a sense for the fun and excitement that goes with West Indies cricket.
  • A day at the races. Barbados has an active horse racing calendar centered around the Barbados Derby Day and the Barbados Gold Cup Day. Rub shoulders with the cream of Barbados society as well as with the serious punters at the race course in Garrison.

There are also submarine and catamaran cruises. See Barbados#Do.


  • Several vendors sell tourist kitsch (sea shells, beads) on the Careenage at the Southern end of the Constitution Bridge (next to the Independence Arch).
  • There are numerous stores (including Cave Shepherd, the Macy's of Barbados) on Broad Street...especially for jewelry. Most of these specialize in duty-free shopping for citizens of the UK, Canada, U.S. and others.
  • Swan Street, a pedestrian only mall, has stores selling cheap clothes.
  • The Number One Music Shop at the corner of Fairchild Street and Bay Street near the Careenage has a wonderful selection of Soca, Reggae, Calypso and other Caribbean music including local Bajan bands. Also a good place to pick up tickets for concerts.

See also discussion of same topic for Barbados.


  • Lord Nelson's Pub
  • Bean and Bagel
  • Waterfront Cafe, The Careenage, Bridgetown, ☎ +1 246 427-0093. Set on the cool side of The Careenage, Waterfront Cafe is an excellent place to sample Bajan cuisine washed down with a rum punch or Banks on tap. Live music every night. B$15-B$50.


  • 1 Harbour Lights, Marine Villa, Bay Street. All day. The place to go in Barbados. B$40 gets you in and you won't have to pay for a drink all night. The bar / club extends right onto the beach and its a great place to meet other travellers and live music is on every night. You won't want to go anywhere else once you've been. B$40.


There is little accommodation in Bridgetown itself. Most visitors stay either in one of the small towns in Southern Barbados or at one of the resorts near Speightstown and Holetown on the west coast.

  • Hilton Barbados, ☎ +1 246-426-0200. Needham's Point St Michael, Bridgetown.
  • Courtyard Bridgetown, The Garrison Historic Area,Hastings, ☎ +1 246-625-0000. Check-in: 1500, check-out: 1200.

Stay safe


Embassies and High Commissions

  • Canada, Bishop's Court Hill Bridgetown, Barbados BB11113, ☎ +1 246-429-3550, fax: +1 246-429-3780, e-mail: bdgtn@international.gc.ca.
  • United States, Wildey Business Park, ☎ +1 246 227-4000. M-F 8AM-4:30PM.

Go next

Every beach and every major town is only a B$2 minibus ride away. When going north up the west coast, leave from the north station. When going east along the south coast, leave from the south station. From either station, just ask any driver how to get to your destination and they'll make sure you get on the right minibus.

Greater Than a Tourist – Bridgetown Barbados: 50 Travel Tips from a Local

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Are you excited about planning your next trip? Do you want to try something new while traveling? Would you like some guidance from a local? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is just for you. Greater Than A Tourist by Reena Manickchand-Scott offers the inside scope on Bridgetown Barbados. Most travel books tell you how to travel like a tourist. Although there's nothing wrong with that, as a part of the Greater than a Tourist series, this book will give you travel tips from someone who lives at your next travel destination. In these pages you'll discover local advice that will help you throughout your stay. This book will not tell you exact addresses or store hours but instead will give you an excitement and knowledge from a local that you may not find in other smaller print travel books. Travel like a local. Slow down, stay in one place, and get to know the people and the culture of a place. By the time you finish this book, you will be eager and prepared to travel to your next destination.

Barbados - Bridgetown & the South (Travel Adventures)

Keith Whiting

Surrounded by miles of magnificent white sand beaches, protected by coral reefs and brushed by the constant breeze of the trade winds, Barbados is a swimmer’s paradise. The west coast beaches are calm and lapped by the Caribbean. The south coast has small to medium waves that are great for windsurfing and boogie boarding, while the southeast coast has big waves and is only suitable for strong swimmers. Because of its location, tropical storms and hurricanes common to other Caribbean islands generally miss Barbados. As a coral island, Barbados is home to a vast array of caves and underground lakes, which provide some of the purest drinking water in the world. The island is also home to rainforests, marshes and mangrove swamps, along with pastures and sugarcane fields. It has a diverse and interesting landscape, making it a fascinating place to explore. Bridgetown is the only city outside of North America that George Washington visited. The house where he stayed has been renovated, and is now known as the George Washington House. Bridgetown is the main shopping center in Barbados and is home to a large and varied selection of shops. You will need to take your passport with you in order to take advantage of the tax-free shopping. If you are planning a purchase of high-end jewelry, precious stones, electronic or photographic equipment, the shops in Barbados offer some great duty free deals, some even sell at wholesale prices.Christ Church is the southernmost parish, bordered by St Michael to the west, St George to the north, and St Philip to the east. Grantley Adams Airport is in this parish, and it is one of the most developed parts of the island, with numerous restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, and bars. The beaches are generally safe for swimming, but can have strong currents and occasionally strong waves. There are lots of water sports on the south coast, including windsurfing, kite surfing, wake boarding, snorkeling, jet skiing, and a host of others.   All of the detailed information you need is here about the hotels, restaurants, shopping, sightseeing. But we also lead you to new discoveries, turning corners you haven't turned before, helping you to interact with the world in new ways. That's what makes our Adventure Guides unique. Barbados is unique and fascinating, a mélange of Africa and Britain in the Caribbean. The easternmost of all the Caribbean islands, Barbados is uniquely situated so as to avoid virtually all hurricanes. Its 166 square miles of forests, cliffs, fishing villages, wildlife, nightlife, and, of course beaches are surrounded by miles of coral reef teeming with an incredible array of sea life and shipwrecks. Some of the best sailing in the Caribbean is here, with southeasterly trade winds to carry you across the water. This is a land rich in history and culture, with an abundance of wildlife, beauty and nature. There are only four guidebooks on the island and most are badly out-of-date. With 500,000 tourists visiting per year, Barbados is a major attraction with very little guidebook competition. Details the best diving spots, all types of accommodations, dining, tours, local lore and festivals, services. Extensive background on the history, government and economy of the island. The author has been a regular visitor for over 20 years. Filled with inside information on which festivals are worth your time, where to find the best Bajan music, classes that will teach you the local cooking and artistic styles, Other guides are mostly out of date. None takes the Adventure Guide perspective that we do, immersing you in the local culture and in the active things to do on the island. Today's traveler is eager to explore--not just sit on a beach. "[Adventure Guides] aim to deliver content... Moderately-priced and truly user-friendly, they are packed with information that other series rarely cover." Library Journal "Bursting with relevant and exciting information... " Booklist "Highly recommended... " Library Journ

Travel Like a Local - Map of Bridgetown: The Most Essential Bridgetown (Barbados) Travel Map for Every Adventure

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Get Ready For The Adventure Of A Lifetime!

Are you planning your next vacation abroad and you’re ready to explore? Do you want to be prepared for everything? Are you ready to experience every new place you visit just like a local? Well, with this amazing Bridgetown (Barbados) travel map you’re all set and ready to go!

The Bridgetown (Barbados) map was carefully designed to give you amazing results and make traveling easier than ever.

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The map is very detailed and it will not only give you all the available roads and routes, but also the essential information to make your Bridgetown (Barbados) vacation unforgettable.

In the map you can see all the available means of transport, bus stops and routes so you can always know how to get everywhere.

And because we know that a vacation is not only about the roads and busses, the map gives you many options for eating, drinking and having a good time!

We carefully marked all the restaurants, bars and pubs so you can always find one that is nearby.

In the Bridgetown (Barbados) map you will also find the best places to go shopping, the most famous and must-see sights, churches and more.

And if an emergency comes up, there are markings of police stations and hospitals everywhere for your convenience.

Each kind of marking has a different color so you can easily navigate around the map and find exactly what you’re looking for within seconds.

The city is also organized in sections so you can better find your way around.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, get your map and let’s get started!

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Travel Journal Bridgetown - Barbados

E Locken

Travel Journal Bridgetown - Keep a diary of your holiday / vacation to Bridgetown, Barbados. Includes diary, budget planner, activity planner, packing checklist and other useful aids to help you record and remember every aspect of your trip.

Barbados: eCruise Port Guide

Becky Tallentire

The most comprehensive, up-to-date cruise port guide on the market.Constantly updated, this guide gives a brief history of the port of Barbados and points you to the places to go and gives an overview on the main sights and tourist attractions. Whether you're here for the day or a week, this guide will prove invaluable.

Barbados Composition Notebook: College Ruled Barbadian Flag Journal to write in for school, take notes, for kids, students, teachers, homeschool

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Barbados Flag College Ruled Composition book for kids, students, teachers.

Daily notebook to write in, to take school notes, for creative writing, for creating lists, for Scheduling, Organizing and Recording your thoughts. Perfectly sized at 7.44" x 9.69" Softcover bookbinding Flexible Paperback Matte Cover Design Great gift for Fans of Barbados and Barbadian Patriots College Ruled

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Wide Ruled lined Pages Barbadian Flag Book to write in for school, take notes, for kids, students, teachers, homeschool

Daily composition notebook to write in, to take school notes, for creative writing, for creating lists, for Scheduling, Organizing and Recording your thoughts. Perfectly sized at 7.44" x 9.69" Softcover bookbinding Flexible Paperback Matte Cover Design Great gift for Fans of Barbados and Barbadian Patriots Wide Ruled

Barbados Composition Notebook: Graph Paper Book to write in for school, take notes, for kids, students, teachers, homeschool,Barbadian Flag Cover

Country Flag Journals

Barbados Flag Graph Paper Composition Book to write in for school, take notes, for kids, students, teachers, homeschool

Daily composition notebook to write in, to take school notes, for creative writing, for creating lists, for Scheduling, Organizing and Recording your thoughts. Perfectly sized at 7.44" x 9.69" Softcover bookbinding Flexible Paperback Matte Cover Design Great gift for Fans of Barbados and Barbadian Patriots Graph Paper

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