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Tambuti lodge Rundu
Tambuti lodge Rundu - dream vacation

Mbwangungu Hamutenya Street Tutungeni Erf 1123Rundu

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Rundu is a city in the Kavango region of Namibia, near the border with Angola.

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Rundu is situated in the north-east of Namibia, at the foot of the Kavango river bordering Angola. It is the only proclaimed town and administrative center of the Kavango region, and occupies the fifth place in Namibia in consideration of its population estimated at +/-45,000 people, representing 1/4 of the population of the Kavango region (201'000) (Namibia 1,83 Mio, 2001 Census) .

The Kavango region is the poorest region in Namibia with a HDI* of 0,5, but the city is geographically located at a strategic crossroad and has, since peace and stability returned to Angola, lots of potential to develop to a bustling border town.

As a frontier-town, Rundu is a commercial city which attracts cross-border business. The economy of greater Rundu is both urban and rural with a prevalence of service economy, in particular trading. The majority (82%) of the business operations fall into the non-formal sector with 80% trading as "sole proprietors". Rundu is a safe place for travelers and the ideal one night stop over before venturing into the wild Kavango and Caprivi bush lands.

  • HDI (Human Development Index)

Get around

There are four service stations in Rundu to fill up your car and 4X4. as well as shopping mall and supermarkets for your major needs in the center of town.

There are also nice woodcarvings on sale along side the main road going towards Rundu (from Mile 30 to Mile 10). Other carvings are at Mbangura and the Rundu Open Markets.


Have a look at: www.runduopenmarkets.org for the social side of Rundu.

The Kavango river at Rundu Beach


You can do Kayaking on the Kavango river. For example a good start is from Tambuti Lodge at Rundu Beach. Kanus and Kayaks are safe and less polluting than motorboats and ideal to explore the peace of the riverbeds, go bird watching and spot a hungry snake or crocodile on the shore(the latter do NOT attack boats).

After that you can have a cool drink at Tambuti Bar overlooking the river and mingle with the locals.


  • Rundu Open Markets, Rundu (from the town center towards the east). 8.00-20.00. 



  • Tambuti Lodge, at Rundu Beach in Rundu Town (The B8 is the main artery on which people arrive and depart, though it actually skirts the town of Rundu. You must turn off at the buzzing Shell petrol station to get right into Rundu itself. Taking this turn brings you right past the sports stadium on your right and to a four way stop junction (having the main Engen fuel station on your left hand side.). Tambuti is only 1,2km from here. After 500m you meet another four way stop. On both your left and right you have many shops, with another petrol station and a new shopping mall on your right hand. Continue straight on, and you eventually meet the old river road at a T-junction facing Omashare Lodge. Turn straight to your left and follow the signboards of Tambuti Lodge which is only 400m form here on. After 200m you turn right to a small gravel road leading down to the river. You will pass the Ministry of Forestry’s nursery before reaching Tambuti Lodge on your left hand side.), ☏ +264 66 255711, fax: +264 66 255131, ✉ tambuti@iway.na. from N$ 255 (22 EURO pps. 


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