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Netanya (also נְתַנְיָה, and mistakenly "Natanya") is a city in Israel. Many tourists come to visit its beach.

Get in

  • 1 Netanya's train station. Connecting Netanya to Haifa and to Tel Aviv, with a car rental station nearby. It is not really in walking distance from the city center - there are buses and taxis though. (For the Poleg area in southern Netanya, the "Beit Yehoshua" train station will be more convenient than the Netanya station.) 
  • 2 Central Bus Station. Located downtown a 10-minute walk from the beach, is served by buses to Tel AvivHaifaJerusalem, and other cities. 

Get around

The tourist-friendly area downtown is small and easily walkable. Bicycles and walking are common transportation along the beach. If you need to visit another neighborhood, a bus or taxi is the best bet.


Urban attractions

  • 1 Herzl street. Pedestrian zone and city square, at the western part of the street. Has many restaurants and attractions. 
  • 2 Netanya Market. 
  • 3 Netanya Flower market. 


  • 4 The Well House, 17 Sokolov, ☏ +972 9 832-9940. A museum telling the early history of Netanya located in a farm established in 1928, and as such one of the earliest buildings in Netanya. 
  • 5 Yemenite Jewish Heritage Museum (Pearl of the Tribes of Israel), 11 Independence Square. (updated Mar 2017)
  • 6 Netanya City Museum, McDonald 3. (updated Mar 2017)
  • 7 Shlomo Dror Art Institute. (updated Mar 2017)
  • 8 Gallery on the Cliff. (updated Mar 2017)


Beaches and nature

  • The beach. The city is located on a cliff overlooking the beaches which stretch along the shore. There are paths down to the beach, as well as an elevator (see below) in one place. 
  • Netanya Promenade. A wonderful landscaped walkway on the cliff above the beach, with great views of the sea shore. 
  • 1 Elevator to the beach. There is an elevator down the cliff to the "Sironit" beach. The ride is free and you get a fascinating view of the sea. (updated Mar 2017)
  • 2 "Irusim" natural reserve. 
  • 3 Winter pond and park, Ben gurion steet. 


  • Beach products along marketplaces by Mediterranean Sea.
  • 1 Hasharon Mall (Kanyon Ha'Sharon), 60 Herzl St. 
  • 2 Hadarim Mall, 2 Hakadar street, 'old industrial zone'. 
  • 3 Ir Yamim Mall, Ben gurion St. 



  • Uranus Bar, Atzmaut square. 
  • Doug and Tony, Hatsoran St. 


Nearly all hotels in Netanya are located on the cliff edge above the beach, or very close by.

  • 1 Residence Hotel, ☏ +972 9-8301110 (03/04). Located directly above the beach with a breathtaking view of sea and a 5-minute walk from Netanya’s main square and city centre. 
  • 2 Residence Beach Hotel, ☏ +972 9-8301110 (03/04). A unique, luxurious and intimate hotel, perfect for businessmen, couples and small families seeking a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Located at a beautiful shoreline spot, close to the city center with easy access to the beautiful promenade and the beach. 
  • 3 Galil Hotel, ☏ +972 9-8301110 (03/04). Set on the shore line, the Galil Hotel has spacious accommodations. 
  • 4 Seasons Hotel (along the north beach, 5 min walk from the city center), ☏ +972 9-8601520, +972 9-8601555. A boutique hotel overlooking the sea from an elevated cliff. 
  • 5 Island Suites, 10 Ben Ami Ave, ☏ +972 77 266-6666. 
  • 6 Carmel Hotel, 2 Ben Ami Ave. 

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