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Tour through remarkable examples of baroque architecture in Prague which belongs to the most famous expressions of European Baroque.  Many baroque churches, palaces, villas, and town houses were built after the Thirty Years' War (1618 - 1648).
Prague has many parks and gardens, so anytime you get tired of noisy city center and crowds, you can escape to one of them and enjoy its peaceful atmosphere.   Some gardens include playgrounds and some are venues for concerts and theatre performances.
Prague is a beer drinker's paradise, and many of the pubs and bars are located in historic buildings.  You will find cellar bars, beer halls and early 20th century cafes where you can relax and enjoy beer brewed on premises.
The Art Nouveau style has influenced the face of Prague and left us many beautiful buildings and their stunning interiors.  The style was developed by a brilliant generation of artists, designers and architects, and Alfons Mucha belongs among the most distinguished Czech visual artists of the Art Nouveau movement.

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Beroun is a city in Central Bohemia, about 30 km southwest from Prague.

Get in

By train

1 Beroun station (Beroun nádraží) lies on an important railway line between Prague and Pilsen (and Cheb). Many fast trains going between these cities, including fast trains going to or from German cities of Regensburg, Nuremberg or Munchen, stop in Beroun. Beroun is also the terminus of the commuter line S7 between Prague and Beroun with frequent service and stops in many attractive places between, such as the Karlštejn castle. Another commuter line to Prague is the much smaller S6 which runs via Nučice. There are also local lines connecting Beroun with Rudná u Prahy and Rakovník. In Prague, Hlavní nádraží (Main) and Smíchovské nádraží stations are used for trains to or from Beroun (both fast and commuter trains).

By car

Beroun lies on the D5 highway going from Prague to Pilsen and to Germany.

On foot

There are several marked track paths going through Beroun.

Get around


  • 1 St. James Church (Kostel svatého Jakuba), Husovo Square. A lovely main square with a Gothic church. (updated Dec 2018)
  • Prague gate. (updated Dec 2018) and 3 Pilsen Gate. (updated Dec 2018)
  • Remains of the city walls nearby the gates.
  • 4 Medvědárium. On the town hill (Městská Hora), approx. 10 mins walk from the town center, is where three bears live in an enclosure. Jakub, Vojta and Matej are movie stars from bedtime stories. After filming, they were found a place to live in Beroun, as the town´s symbol is a bear. Medvědárium is now a favourite place to go for an afternoon walk with the family - there is a children's playground, a kiosk and a modest lookout which you can climb. (updated Dec 2018)
  • If you fancy a 1-1.5 hrs walk, the best choice is 5 Ded (Grandad) (Look for the sign). On the top of the hill, there's another lookout, this time without the offer of a lovely view as the surrounding trees are now higher than the lookout.  


Beroun is a standard mid-size Czech town. You find here cinema, a few museums, sport clubs, and a swimming pool. If you are a party animal, this won't be your choice. But if you want to enjoy relaxing days in nature with the comfort of town services, you are at right place.

  • check out the bears at Medvedarium
  • for swimming, visit Tip Sport Laguna - tiny aquapark with decent swimming pool
  • have a look around town centre (during weekend, it will be dead)
  • there are few possibilities for cycling, inline skating and walks



You will find few places at the main square or around the river.

  • 1 Berounsky medved, Tyršova 135 (2 minutes on foot from the main railway station), ☏ +420 311 622 566. Daily 10:00-22:00, until 23:00 on F and Sa. If you want to see (and taste) something unique, don´t miss this family brewery (Beroun Bear) The brewery is somewhat hidden in the areal of old sugar factory. Seeing it from distance, you would hardly guess that it is located here. The brewery-restaurant is a huge place with more than 80 seats with very traditional (but not tacky) decoration. Own beer and wide selection of own beers makes this restaurant great place to stay. (updated Jan 2018)




Go next

  • Karlštejn
  • 1 Statek u Merlina, Malá strana 84, Chyňava. An open air zoo with both domestic and exotic animals, more suited towards children, who can feed some of the goats or rabbits. A few playgrounds and water/ice cream are available as well. 
  • 2 Koněprusy Caves (Koněpruské jeskyně).  

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