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City Express Reynosa
City Express Reynosa - dream vacation

Blvd Miguel Hidalg 480 Lomas De JarachinReynosa

Hacienda Reynosa Hotel
Hacienda Reynosa Hotel - dream vacation

Blvd. Hidalgo N. 2013 Col. HidalgoReynosa

Holiday Inn Reynosa Industrial Poniente
Holiday Inn Reynosa Industrial Poniente - dream vacation

Carr. Monterrey-Reynosa, Parque Industrial Villa FloridaReynosa

Hotel Plaza California
Hotel Plaza California - dream vacation

Blvd. Hidalgo No. 960 Del Valle Reynosa

Hotel El Camino Inn & Suites
Hotel El Camino Inn & Suites - dream vacation

Boulevard Hidalgo 1480 Col Del ValleReynosa

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Reynosa, a city of 672,183 people in Tamaulipas, Mexico, lies directly across the Rio Grande from US border city McAllen, Texas. Due to ongoing conflict between the Zetas and the Gulf Cartel, it is one of the most dangerous places in Mexico with thousands killed annually. Non-essential travel to Reynosa is not advised. Despite its reputation, Reynosa is an industrial hub for Northern Tamaulipas and the Rio Grande Valley: its maquiladora companies directly employ over 110,000 people, ranging from direct labor to specialized engineering. The majority of the industries are related to electronics or automotive manufacturing.



Reynosa has a long history of being unnoticed. It was just a part of land that many people in the past had fought for. Reynosa was first noticed on 6 July 1686, a long exploring expedition was held by Mr. Agustin Echeverz and Zuvízar, Governor of Nuevo Reino de León and is commanded by Captain Alonso, and they camped on the hills where Reynosa is located today. In December 1748, an expedition led by Colonel Jose de Escandon wanted to establish a new province plan to create 14 villages, including that of Reynosa. The convoy consisted of 1500 settlers and 755 soldiers. In September 1800, a flood occurred that literally swept people off the land; people were saved in canoes and rafts, taking refuge in the hills of El Morrillo. Then, later in 1802, the people in Reynosa relocated. By November 24, 1926, Reynosa is finally elevated back to the way the city was and prospering since.


Reynosa is located 38 meters above sea level. It is within the northern part of Tamaulipa, Mexico.


In 1990, Reynosa had a population of 282,667 inhabitants. Since then, the population has practically doubled to 607,532 inhabitants in 2010.

Get in

You can get to Reynosa by plane, car, or bus.

By plane

  • General Lucio Blanco International Airport (REX IATA) (it is located about 8 km (5 miles) southeast of downtown on Mexico Highway 2, also known as "Libramiento Monterrey" at this point). Reynosa's small regional airport. The airport handles domestic flights only and is served by three carriers: Alma, Volaris, and Click Mexicana. Flights from Cancún, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Veracruz.
  • U.S. passengers can fly into neighboring McAllen (MFE IATA), which is served by Allegiant, Continental and American, and then take a taxi or city bus to the Hidalgo border crossing.

By car

From points in south Texas, take U.S. 83 to McAllen and then exit at 23rd Street (route 115) and head south about 10 km (6 miles) to the international bridge checkpoint at Hidalgo.

From points in Mexico:

  • Mexico Highway 2 runs parallel to the border and can be used to reach Reynosa from other border cities. Traveler warning: this highway is not patrolled by the Federal government and is extremely dangerous during the day, and impassable after dark due to Mexican drug cartel "ownership" of the route. It is in the interest of your best safety to entirely avoid this area and the very small, mostly deserted towns and crossings along it. The crossings are not always open. For example, the crossing at Falcon Lake (which should be avoided at all costs, anyway) closes at 9PM or earlier.
  • Mexico Highway 40 (toll road) can be used to reach Reynosa via Monterrey. The toll is 180 pesos.

The Aduana office to get car import permits is on Alvaro Obregon, just a few blocks to the left as you cross into Reynosa (go left on Miguel Aleman -- it turns into Obregon -- the office is on your left just after you round the bend).

By bus

It takes about 2 hours to get from McAllen, Texas, to Reynosa, Tamoulipas, including the wait for the bus.

Get around

There are many things to do around Reynosa, including going to church, swimming in the public pool, going out to eat the best fresh tamales... but in order to get to all these fun places you could either: walk,(many people don't have a car)drive, take the bus, or bike. It is said to be that in some parts of Mexico like Reynosa, they don't respect bicyclers or walkers that are on the street. That is why the choices for most people really narrow down to: drive, or take the bus. Of course many people risk their lives and still walk or bike in the streets,but majority does not. Despite all of the danger, Reynosa is a beautiful city to visit and Latinos enjoy it as is.


There are not that many historical things in Reynosa to see. However, there are a few historical monuments like A Juárez, Hidalgo and Morelos. Also, there is an Architectural monument, Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which was built in 1810; it has a neoclassical style.

Another thing that tourists could look forward to are the popular festivities: Harvest Fair each year in August. The feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe starts on March 5th. During that time tourists can see several groups of dancers perform their dances as they wear very colorful outfits.


  • Boy's Town- a region in Reynosa where men tend to go to enjoy prostitutes, bars, and the nightlife. This region has been virtually shut down, and what is left of it is controlled by cartels and is extremely dangerous for tourists.
  • Streets/Shops- most tourists roam around in Reynosa to enjoy the small shops to buy things and practice their negotiating skills with prices.
  • Border Crossing- people cross the U.S./Mexican Border to enjoy vice versa. Due to the fact that Reynosa is practically on the border, Texas is well visited as well, keeping in mind about abiding with the state laws of course.

There are so many incidences of cartel violence in this town that the wise traveller would do best to study and evaluate the concern for personal safety versus the inclination to explore the region.


There are a wide range of shops in Reynosa, varying from supermarkets, to crafts markets selling little nik-naks for tourists. Reynosa is near the pedestrian-only Hidalgo shopping street connecting Plaza Principal to Zaragoza Market. This bazaar is filled with Mexican handcrafts, from colorful woven blankets and baskets to kitschy sombreros and miniature guitars. Many tourists are attracted to shops such as this because tourists wherever they go, they want to purchase something to remember the place by, or as gifts for friends and family.


Reynosa is a city that is not distant from the U.S. border; so although, there are many Mexican authentic restaurants and chain fast foods found in the U.S. as well. For example, Burger King, Chili's, Subway

  • Bigos, Tiburcio Garza Zamora Street # 325 Col. Rodriguez Reynosa, Tamaulipas, ☏ +52 899 930-0361.
  • Buffet China, Blvd. Hidalgo 1090 Col. Del Valle, ☏ +52 899 924-2968.
  • Cabritos Nuevo León, Blvd. Hidalgo 450 Col. Bella Vista, ☏ +52 899 925-5722. 8AM-11PM. A fusion between Spanish and Aztec cuisine to give rise to Mexican cuisine.
  • Las Chalupas, Paris esq. con Havre no.520 Col. Beaty, ☏ +52 899 922-8595.
  • El Pastorcito, Paris esq. con Havre no.520 Col. Beaty, ☏ +52 899 922-9245.
  • Café París, Hidalgo 960 Zona Centro, ☏ +52 899 922-1068.
  • Café Rey, Blvd. Morelos 710 Esq. con Nuevo León Col. Rodríguez, ☏ +52 899 924-3166.
  • El Buen Gusto, Calle 3a. No. 505 Col. Las Lomas, ☏ +52 899 923-9097.
  • El Estudiante Burritos y Hamburgesas, Jazmín 334 Col. Jarachina Nte., ☏ +52 899 929-1782. Other branches (address and phone number): San Jose 317 Col. Jarachina Sur [929-1683], Margarita Maza de Juarez s.n. Col.Juárez [957-3784], Calle Ocho 342 Col. Longoria [924-4112], Rio San Juan 922 L-4Col. Fuentes Secc. Lomas [995-5373]
  • El Gaucho'n, Oaxaca y Sinaloa Col. Rodriguez, ☏ +52 899 922-2724.
  • El Huachinango, Rio Mante Col. Logoria, ☏ +52 899 923-7157.
  • El Mezquite Parrillada, Rosalinda Guerrero 220-B Col. Prol. Longoria, ☏ +52 899 925-4320, +52 899 925-4310.
  • El Pollo Felíz, Blvd. Morelos No. 100 Esq. Con H. Deandar Amador Col. Doctores, ☏ +52 899 180-0455.
  • El Patio, Blvd. Hidalgo y Rio Mante Col. Longoria, ☏ +52 899 924-2000.
  • El Fogoncito, Blvd. Hidalgo km.104 Col. Fuentes del Valle, ☏ +52 899 922-1727.
  • Go-Go Shushi, Rio Purificacion Esq. Con Calle 9 Col. Prol. Longoria, ☏ +52 899 923-1696.
  • Gorditas Doña Tota, Soriana Hidalgo Col. Hidalgo, ☏ +52 899 923-5797. Other Branches (Addresses and Phone Numbers): Soriana Morelos (926-0624), Soriana Ribereña (925-5168), Soriana Juarez Col. Juárez (955-0842), H.E.B. Morelos (924-7121), Calle 20 Col. Aztlán (924-6026), Calle San Roberto Y Tecnologico Av. Tecnologico Col. Jarachina Sur (929-4006), Col. Petrolera (930-9460)
  • La Fogata de Reynosa, Matamoros 750 Esq. J.B. Chapa Zona Centro, ☏ +52 899 922-8216, +52 899 922-4772.
  • La Quinta, Blvd. Morelos 1850 Col. Ampliacion Rodriguez, ☏ +52 899 924-8065, +52 899 924-8066.
  • Las Ensaladas, Ejercito Nacional Esq. Con Brasil Local 1 Col. Anzalduas, ☏ +52 899 922-5254. Other Branches (Addresses and Phone Numbers): Blvd. Las Fuentes y Calle 9a Col. Fuentes (925-2562), Ave. Las Lomas 701 Col. Jarachina Sur (995-1233)
  • Mansion del Prado, Emilio Portes Gil y PJ Mendez Col. Del Prado, ☏ +52 899 922-1025, +52 899 922-9914.
  • Merequetengue, Calle Oaxaca Col. Rodriguez, ☏ +52 899 922-4926.
  • Mi Viejo Pueblito, Oaxaca 219 Ote. Col. Rodriguez, ☏ +52 899 922-3991.
  • Pingüino Restaurant, Juarez 890 Nte. Zona Centro, ☏ +52 899 922-7827.
  • Siempre Natural, Puente Internacional Col. Medardo González, ☏ +52 899 922-6830.


Reynosa is known to be "Boys' Town", an area where prostitution is legal and where they can go to bars and nightclubs.

  • La Concha, Echeverria Con Privada Poniente Internacional Reynosa, ☏ +52 899 922-3360.
  • Agave Blu, ☏ +52 899 930-0307.
  • 1 La Cucaracha, Calle Aldama 1000, ☏ +52 899 922 0174.



  • 1 City Express, Blvd. Hidalgo 480, ☏ +52 899 921 2400. Amenities: Bar/lounge, business center, fitness center, free breakfast, free high-speed Internet, wheelchair accessible


  • Holiday Inn Reynosa Zona Dorada, Emilio Portes Gil Prado Sur, ☏ +52 899-921-6500. Very new, modern hotel in the heart of Reynosa, near restaurants, clubs, etc. About 1 mile from the international bridge.
  • Holiday Inn Reynosa, Emilio Portes Gil Prado Sur, ☏ +52 877 859-5095. US$56-93/night.
  • 2 Hampton Inn by Hilton Reynosa/Zona Industrial, Carr Reynosa-Monterrey 1000 Plaza Periferico, ☏ +52 899 970-0100. Each room comes with a king or queen-size bed(s), 32-inch LCD TV sets, and individual air-conditioning and heating unit. Services: Buffet breakfast included, toll-free 800 and local calls, broadband Internet access, and free transportation within 10 km (about 6 miles). Airport shuttle. A fitness center, free parking, and a swimming pool are also available. US$75-$92/night.
  • Fiesta Inn Reynosa, Carr. Monterrey-Reynosa, km 212 | Frente Col. Valle Alto, Reynosa 88746, Mexico, ☏ +52 866 538-0187. Property Amenities: fitness center, business center, bar/lounge, restaurant, shuttle bus service, swimming pool, wheel chair accessible $69-$102 ave. price/night.
  • Howard Johnson Royal Garden Reynosa, Boulevard Hidalgo 1165, ☏ +52 899 923-6100. Check-in: 12:30PM. Property Amenities: business center, fitness center, restaurants, shuttle bus service, swimming pool. wheel chair accessible $70-$93 ave. price/night.
  • Best Western El Camino and Suites, Blvd Hidalgo 1480 Col Del Vall, ☏ +52 899 923-0791. Check-in: till 3AM, check-out: 11AM. Services & Amenities: Complimentary continental breakfast, restaurant on-site, OUTDOOR pool, hot tub, 24-hour front desk, multilingual staff, wedding services, doctor on-call, 24- hour security, exercise facility, free parking, airport courtesy shuttle available, meeting/business facilities, computer available, high-speed Internet access $66 Nightly Rate.
  • One Reynosa Valle Alto, Av de los Encinos 1000. Services & Amenities: free breakfast, on-site restaurants, wheel chair accessible, meeting/business rooms, wireless Internet, money exchange, nonsmoking rooms US$54-$64/night.
  • Hacienda, Blvd. Hidalgo No. 2013 Col. Hidalgo CP, ☏ +52 899 924-6010.
  • Posada San Antonio, Zaragoza No. 660 Zona Centro CP 88500, ☏ +52 899 930-1848.
  • Astromundo, Juarez No. 675 Zona Centro CP 88500, ☏ +52 899 922-5625.



Stay safe

Reynosa has recently experienced turmoil as federal police continue their crackdown on the Gulf Cartel drug traffickers. It is not advisable to be out on the streets or cross through the city after dark, and most businesses now close by 10PM with frequent military stops and searches occurring after that time. Reynosa's police chief was arrested by federal police in March 2008 on suspicion of corruption. Approach Reynosa with caution at this time.


  • For a better understanding of regional violence: Border violence news.

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