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Green Grass Maldonado
Green Grass Maldonado - dream vacation

Antonio Jose Mendez y Marquez de Loreto Condominio Green Grass 3Maldonado

Baie des Anges Apart Hotel
Baie des Anges Apart Hotel - dream vacation

Rambla Costanera Parada 27 PinaresMaldonado

Apart Hotel Punta Azul
Apart Hotel Punta Azul - dream vacation

Rambla Playa Mansa - Parada 22 y media.Maldonado

Winnie Pooh
Winnie Pooh - dream vacation

Espiga Entre Brujula y AndromedaMaldonado

Hostal de la Candelaria
Hostal de la Candelaria - dream vacation

Puerto de la Candelaria y Luis ExtremeraMaldonado

Hotel Los Pinos Maldonado
Hotel Los Pinos Maldonado - dream vacation

Camino a La Laguna PDA 25 Y OrquideasMaldonado

Brisas del Este
Brisas del Este - dream vacation

Av. España Pda. 25 AMaldonado

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Maldonado is a city on the Atlantic coast of Uruguay, just north of the beach town of Punta del Este.


Get in

Punta del Este is close enough to walk or bike.

Bus service is available from cities such as Montevideo, Piriápolis, and Punta del Este. Buses stop at the 1 Maldonado Bus Terminal at Roosevelt and Sarandí, which has a restaurant, a taxi stand, and couple of small stores selling food and miscellaneous items. It's standard for buses to stop in Maldonado on the way to and from Punta del Este. Maldonado is served by the following bus companies: Bruno, COT, COPSA, Emtur, Tureste, Turismar. There is also local and regional bus service available from Codesa, Guscapar, and Micro Ltda.

Get around


  • 1 Torre del Vigía, Rafael Pérez del Puerto and Solís.
  • 2 Cuartel de Dragones, diagonal from Plaza San Fernando de Maldonado. 10:00–18:00. Where national hero José Artigas joined the Cuerpo de Blandengues military unit. Free.
  • 3 El Puente de la Barra, on Ruta 10 at the eastern edge of Punta del Este. An early stressed ribbon bridge—a type of bridge where suspension cables are embedded within the bridge, which has a strange bumpy shape.
  • 4 San Fernando de Maldonado Cathedral (Catedral de San Fernando de Maldonado), Plaza San Fernando de Maldonado. Neoclassical cathedral.




  • 1 Parrillada Classic, Avenida Joaquin de Viana and Roman Bergalli, ☏ +598 4225-8733. Variety of food including classic Uruguayan dishes like pizza, milanesas, barbecue. Casual atmosphere. Delivery available.


  • 1 La Pastelería, 3 de Febrero and Sarandí, ☏ +598 4226 3061. Small, elegant cafe with coffee, pastries, snacks, and other beverages. Indoor and outdoor seating.


  • 1 Hotel Colonial, 18 de Julio 841, ☏ +598 4222 3346, ✉ inforeservas@colonialhotel.com.uy.
  • 2 De la Plaza Hotel, 18 de Julio and 25 de Mayo, ☏ +598 422 42401, +598 422 42410, ✉ info@delaplazahotel.com.uy. Standard hotel with 24 rooms. Small buffet breakfast included. Convenient location right on Plaza San Fernando de Maldonado.
  • 3 Hotel Maldonado Peatonal, Sarandí 940. Located on a pedestrian-only street. Breakfast brought to your room.

Stay safe

Avoid the Maldonado Nuevo area in the northeast of the city, because since the 1990 a lot of poor people in search of work settled in this area although there were a lack of houses, developing slums that were focus of crime. The situation in this neighbourhood have been improved in recent years, but the area could still be dangerous for tourists.




  • 1 Argentina, Sarandí 822, ☏ +598 42238208, +598 96123640 (emergencies). M–F 12:30–17:00.

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