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Arnhem is the capital of the Dutch provice Gelderland. It was built on both banks of the rivers Nederrijn and Sint-Jansbeek, which were the source of the city's development. The larger area of the municipality of Arnhem has a south-eastern border that is partly formed by the river IJssel. It forms the northern part of the Stadsregio Arnhem Nijmegen. Arnhem had a population of 151,356 in 2014 and is one of the larger cities of the Netherlands.



Though the early tracks of settlements showed that the early residents of Arnhem descended from the forests on the hills, Arnhem was not built on the banks of the river Rhine, but a little higher along the Sint-Jansbeek. Arnhem arose on the location where the road between Nijmegen and Utrecht/Zutphen split. Seven streams provided the city with water, and only when the flow of the Rhine was changed in 1530, was the city located on the river.

in 1543, it fell to the emperor Charles V. As capital of the so-called "Kwartier van Veluwe" it joined the Union of Utrecht during the Eighty Years War in 1579. After its capture from the Spanish forces by Dutch and English troops in 1585 the city became part of the Republic of the Seven United Provinces of the Netherlands.

The French occupied the town from 1672 to 1674, and preoccupied it from 1795 to 1813.

In the 19th century, Arnhem was a genteel resort town famous for its picturesque beauty. It was known as "The Little Hague of the East", mainly because a number of rich former sugar barons or planters from the Indies settled there, as they did in The Hague.

In the World War II, during Operation Market Garden, the British 1st Airborne Division were given the task of securing the bridge at Arnhem. A second battle of Arnhem took place in April 1945 when the city was liberated by the British 49th Infantry Division fighting as part of the First Canadian Army.

Get in

By car

Arnhem is connected with multiple highways.

A12 : (west-east) The road connects the city of The Hague, with the German border, connecting to the German Autobahn A3.

A50 : (north-south) Is a highway in the Netherlands, stretching from Eindhoven in the southeast up to Zwolle in the northeast of the country.

A325 : The highway between Arnhem and Nijmegen

By train

Arnhem has four train stations to its name: 1 Arnhem Centraal  NS  ICE  ARR  BRG  RE  is the main station of Arnhem, opened in May 1845. The station, which with 40,000 passengers per day is the ninth busiest station of the Netherlands, has two exits, one of which, Sonsbeekzijde, is on the west side of the train station, and can be identified as the elevated walkway across the tracks. As the exit's name implied, it is closest to Park Sonsbeek. The city side exit is found on the east side, and has escalators and steps going down. Here you're find on-the-go shops, though these are quite expensive compared to their counterparts outside of the station. The city centre is a few minutes away by foot. Optionally, you could take a (trolley) bus from the bus station, which is incorporated into the train station. It too can be found on the city side of the station. Arnhem Centraal is on the Amsterdam — Frankfurt am Main InterCity Express (ICE) line, as well as an international stopping train to Dusseldorf (RE 19) serviced by Abellio. Sprinters, Intercity's connect to 's-HertogenboschUtrechtAmsterdam, Schiphol, Ede-Wageningen, WijchenZutphen and many more. Stoptreinen serviced by Arriva and Breng will get you to DoetinchemWinterswijk or Tiel.

The other three stations in Arnhem which connect to more urban areas of the city, are:

  • 2 Arnhem Zuid  NS , on the south bank of the river Rhine,
  • 3 Arnhem Presikhaaf  NS , near the shopping centre of the same name; and
  • 4 Arnhem Velperpoort  NS  ARR  BRG , near the infamous Steenstraat and the Klarendal Fashion Quarter.

By plane

Arnhem is near several airports:

Amsterdam-Schiphol airport (AMS IATA), The largest airport in the Netherlands, and the fifth largest in Europe. 110 km to the northwest. Train takes about 75 min, and will cost €17.70 one way. Schiphol airport gets served by most major carriers, and has an excess of 100 flights per day to the United States alone.

By car: Take the A12 to Utrecht, Then heading to Amsterdam via A2 and then A9 to Schiphol Airport. Expect this to take anywhere from 60–75 minutes in regular traffic.

Weeze Airport (NRN IATA), 80 km southeast of Arnhem just across the border with Germany, near the village of Weeze (Germany). Although Ryanair (the biggest airline serving the airport) and the airport advertise with the name Düsseldorf-Weeze, the airport isn't near Düsseldorf. The city of Düsseldorf is 80 km to the southeast of the airport. Weeze serves over 50 destinations across Europe, Northern Africa and Western Asia.

The only direct public transportation from Weeze to Arnhem is a taxivan costting €16 euro one-way, and you will have to make a reservation beforehand. For timetabling see the taxivan's website. Journey time will be about 70 minutes. Pick-up and drop-off in Arnhem will be at the Gelredome Stadium/McDonald's. If your plane lands shortly before the bus is scheduled to leave give them a quick call on the tarmac and they will wait for you.

Otherwise, the more adventurous can take a bus from Weeze to Kleve, then a train to Nijmegen, where you can catch a connecting train to Arnhem. This journey can take between 2.5 and 3 hours.

Eindhoven Airport (EIN IATA), 85 km to the southwest of Arnhem. From the airport you take bus 401 to Eindhoven Central Station and then a train to 's Hertogenbosch (which is the same as Den Bosch). In 's Hertogenbosch, change trains and take the train to Arnhem. This journey will take you approximately 100 minutes by public transportation.

When driving, take the A50, (Zwolle-Eindhoven) which skirts the west of the metropolitan area to the Eindhoven ring road (A58/A2) Airport exit is exit 29 on the A2.

Flughafen Düsseldorf (DUS IATA), about one-third the size of Amsterdam-Schiphol, but with plenty of international connections, including to the USA, and gets served by all the major airlines in Europe. Although it doesn't get nearly as many flights as Amsterdam does, it's cheaper, doesn't have nearly as many congestion problems, and generally much less hassle at the airport.

From Arnhem's main train station you can take the ICE train to Düsseldorf Hbf, where you can take S1 to Flughafen terminal. The train to Düsseldorf Hbf will take around 70 minutes.

By bicycle

Arnhem is on EuroVelo 15 and LF-3.

For information on the adjacent German section, see Rhine Rad Weg.

Get around

By bus

Arnhem is the only city in the Netherlands that uses trolleybuses as a means for public transportation. The bus station is next to the train station in the city centre. There is a fast and frequent trolleybus network. From here you also can take a local bus or buses to cities as Apeldoorn (bus 91 and 231) and Nijmegen (331 stops only on the main stopping places, also 33 but he takes a longer route). Timetables and prices can be found here.

By bicycle

There is a bike rental at the Stationsplein (Station square) next to the exit of the Station. (Tel. +31 26 4421782) The rate per day is €5.20, per week (5 days or longer) it's €21.

At the bike rental a deposit of €25 per bicycle is required. Payment by credit card is accepted. It is possible to take out a bicycle insurance. The premium amounts to €0.50 a day per bike. The deposit amount is doubled when a bicycle insurance is not taken out.

By taxi

There are several taxi services in Arnhem. The most common service is Taxi Arnhem, they can be reached 24/7 at (+31) 026 260 26 26. You can also arrange for the taxi to pick you up from Schiphol Airport or Eindhoven Airport.

By car

There are several car rentals in Arnhem:

  • Europcar, Boulevard Heuvelink 5. (+31) 026-445 3701
  • Hertz, Bergstraat 2. (+31) 026-351 3222
  • KAV, Stieltjesweg 17. (+31) 026-351 5819


Points of interest

  • 1 De Gruyterpassage, Roggestraat 43 (entrance via "Musiskwartier" building). De Gruyterpassage is a covered, 75-metre-long pedestrian passage built in 1916 in the Art-Nouveau style. It was originally used as a grocery store until about 1980. In 2006, after restoration, the passage reopened as part of a shopping complex.
  • 2 Duivelshuis (Huis van Maarten van Rossem), Koningstraat 38. This 15th century house was once owned by Maarten van Rossem. Today it belongs to the city and is used as the mayor's office. Duivelshuis litterally means Devil's house owing its name to the satyrs on the front facade.
  • 3 John Frostbrug (John Frost Bridge), Nijmeegseweg. This is a 1948 replica of the bridge made famous in the film A Bridge Too Far. John Frost was the commander of the unsuccessful British assault on the original bridge during the 1944 Battle of Arnhem. The original bridge was destroyed by an allied air raid after the battle to deny its use to German forces.
  • 4 Koepelkerk, Jansplein 60. This octagonal neo-classical church stands in the middle of Jansplein, a public square, and was built in 1837-1838. It is used today by the Reformed Church.
  • 5 Korenmarkt. Korenmarkt (literally: corn market) is a small, attractive city square lined with sidewalk cafés.
  • 6 Postamt, Jansplein 56. The former post office is in a Neo-Gothic building built from 1888 to 1890.
  • 7 Sabelspoort, Eusebiusplein (near Markt). This Baroque-style city gate was built in 1642 and is the only surviver of four original city gates.
  • 8 Sint-Eusebiuskerk, Kerkplein 1, ☏ +31 26 4435068. Apr-Oct 10:00–17:00. This medieval church has high towers equipped with a glass elevator and a panoramic viewing platform. The church hall is closed due to renovations until September 2019, but the towers remain open. €7,50.
  • 9 Sint-Petersgasthuis, Rijnstraat 71. Interior not open to public. Sint-Petersgasthuis (Saint Peters guest house) was built around 1354 to provide overnight accommodation for homeless people. The brick building has two bartizans (castle-like turrets) and a statue of saint Peter at the top of the façade.
  • 10 Stadswaag (City weigh scale), Markt 38. The city scale (stadswaag) building dates from 1761-1768 and is constructed of brick with natural stone with decorative parts. Today a restaurant occupies the building.
  • 11 Synagoge, Pastoorstraat 17a. The Arnhem Sjoel was built from 1852 to 1853 in an eclectic style, mainly a fusion of neoclassicism and neo-Gothic. It was restored from 2001 to 2003 and still serves as a place of worship for the Jewish community of Arnhem.
  • 12 Walburgis (Sint-Walburgiskerk), Sint Walburgisplein 1. Saint Walpurga Church is the oldest church existing in Arnhem today. It was built in the 14th century and restored in the mid-19th century. During World War II, it was gutted by fire; after which the church was rebuilt and expanded. Today, known as the Walburgis, it serves no religious functions, but is used as a venue for expositions and concerts.
  • 13 Waterval Jansbeek (Jansbeek waterfall), Rijnkade, 6811. This small water feature lies along the riverside Rijnkade (Rhine quay) promenade. An old wharf-side crane is on display between the water feature and the John Frost Bridge.


  • 14 Airborne Museum Hartenstein, Utrechtseweg 232 (Oosterbeek, Airborne Museum  352 ). 10:00–17:00 (closed Christmas & New Years Day). A museum dedicated to the Battle of Arnhem, fought in September 1944. During the battle the building was the headquarters of the British forces fighting in and around Oosterbeek and Arnhem. The Museum shows a diverse and extensive collection of original weapons, uniforms and equipment alongside interviews, pictures and videos about the battle. In addition to this collection, the museum has an award-winning Airborne Experience exhibition, that depicts the area as it appeared during the battle. The museum also describes the German and civilian perspectives of the battle. Near the museum, there is also the Airborne War Cemetery. It was established in 1945 and is home to 1759 graves from the Second World War. Soldiers of several nationalities are buried here, including British, Polish, Canadian, Dutch, Australian and New Zealanders. Adults €8.50, teens 13–18 €5.50, children 6–12 €4.
  • 15 Airborne at the Bridge, Rijnkade 150 (just west of the John Frost Bridge). 10:00–17:00 (closed Christmas & New Years Day). This information centre and history museum has exhibits, artifacts, audio and 3D presentations about the Battle of Arnhem. This is a branch of the Airborne Museum Hartenstein in Oosterbeek. Free.
  • 16 Burgers' Zoo, Antoon van Hooffplein 1 (Burgers' Zoo  3 ), ☏ +31 26 442-4534. Mar-Oct: daily 09:00-19:00, Nov-Feb: daily 09:00-17:00. A large zoo showcasing animals in their original habitats. The zoo is divided into several different areas, including Desert, Ocean, Mangrove and Safari. €19.
  • 17 Historische Kelders (historic cellars), Oude Oeverstraat 4 (at Rijnstraat; look for sign "ingang kelders"). W-Su 12:00-17:00. 39 interconnected cellars from the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries are preserved and restored under the shopping streets of Arnhem. €4.
  • 18 Molen De Kroon, Klarendalseweg 82 (bus 13 to Oogststraat). F 13:00–16:00, Sa 10:00 – 17:00. Windmill De Kroon was built in 1870 and still is in working order. It is designated as a Rijksmonument.
  • 19 Molenplaats Sonsbeek, Zijpendaalseweg 24A. Mill: Tu&W 10.00-16.00, So 12.00-16.00; barn: Tu-Sa 10.00-17.00, So 11.00-17.00. The water mill produces organic flour and the mill barn sells its products plus baked goods.
  • 20 Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Utrechtseweg 87 (Museum Arnhem  1 ), ☏ +31 26 442-3164. Tu-Su 11:00-17:00. A small modern art gallery specialised in Dutch artists. €9 (€5 for students and 65+).
  • 21 Nederlands Openluchtmuseum, Schelmseweg 89 (Openluchtmuseum West  3 ), ☏ +31 26 357-6111. 11:00-17:00 daily. A large outdoor museum featuring traditional housing and customs. It also has a section about more recent Dutch traditions. In the museum you can buy a lot of traditionally made goods, ranging from food, to drinks to paper to other goods. €15.30/€10?30 for adults/children and €5,50/€2,50 at certain periods (see website).
  • 22 Nederlands Wijnmuseum, Velperweg 23 (Arnhem Velperpoort  SPR   ARR   BRG   1  7 ), ☏ +31 26 445-5912. M-F 09:00-18:00, Sa 10:00-17:00. A museum showcasing everything related to making wine. Adults €5, children €2,50.
  • 23 Trolley Bus Museum, Remisestraat 4 (bus stop Stadskantoor, behind the city offices). Thursdays excluding holidays 13:00-17:00. Collection of photo material about Arnhem tram, trolley and diesel buses. Free.
  • 24 Water Museum, Zijpendaalseweg 26-28 (Sonsbeekweg  9 ). Interactive and educational museum about water. Make a trip through a sewer or learn about dikes and how water is used all over the world. Adults €9 children (4-12) €5,50.



  • The Living Statues exhibition is one of the great summer attractions for the city, with around 250 competitors from around the world. The event takes place during the last weekend of August and dates back to 1996. On Saturday the catwalks belong to child performers, whilst adult actors perform on Sunday afternoon.
  • The Airborne March is an annual Dutch commemorative event of remembrance that began in 1947 and takes place on the first Saturday in September in Oosterbeek near Arnhem. Over 34,000 people took part in the 65th march in 2011.
  • The Gelredome is a stadium home to Arnhem's football club Vitesse. The premises are also used for various concerts and event, such as the annual monster truck show Monster Jam. The Gelredome is accessible in a few minutes from the central station and the city centre by busline 7.
  • King's Day (formerly Queen's Day) is a national holiday celebrated on 27 April. Festivities will be held in the city center.
  • Other national holidays, such as Sinterklaas and Carnival, are also celebrated publicly with events and parades throughout the city.

Leisure & sports


  • 1 Vue Arnhem (Blikken Bioscoop), Hoogstraat 10 (Rijnstraat  4  5  6  7 ), ☏ +31 263 514 514.
  • 2 Focus Filmtheater Arnhem (Filmhuis), Audrey Hepburnplein 1 (Eusebiuskerk  12 ), ☏ +31 264 424 283, toll-free: +31 881 900 666, ✉ info@focusarnhem.nl. At the Korenmarkt in the middle of the square, surrounded by cafes and bars. Here you find a bigger offer of all kind of movies.
  • 3 Pathé Arnhem, Oude Stationsstraat 20 (Arnhem Centraal  ICE  NS  ARR  BRG   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  or Willemsplein  2  3  5  6  7  8  9  10  13 ).


  • 4 De Grote Koppel, Olympus 29, ☏ +31 263 210 254. Swimming pool in Vredenburg in southern Arnhem. Apart from a swimming pool, De Grote Koppel also offers squash and in-door skiing.
  • 5 Valkenhuizen, Beukenlaan 23, ☏ +31 264 428 218. Public swimming pool in northern Arnhem.
  • Klarenbeek, Hommelseweg 536, ☏ +31 264 460 370. April - August. Open air swimming pool in Park Klarenbeek.
  • 7 Golf (Golfbaan Welderen), Grote Molenstraat 173, ☏ +31 481 376 591.


  • 8 National Park de Hoge Veluwe. North of the city, the Hoge Veluwe National Park is the largest actively managed conservation area in private hands in the Netherlands. You can cycle to the park from Arnhem and back if you start early in the morning. If you go there by car or public transit, you can use the bicycles provided for free at the entry gates.
  • Park Sonsbeek, Zijpendaalseweg 24A, ☏ +31 264 450 660. Expansive parkland & gardens with 18th-century mansion, fountains & a water mill, plus tea house. Sonsbeek is often home to public art exposures, and is by far the best-reached and most-used park of Arnhem.
  • 10 Park Zypendaal, Zijpendaalseweg 44, ☏ +31 263 644 645, toll-free: +31 900 1809. Directly north of Sonsbeek, Zypendaal is a less-used park with features like Sonsbeek, but lacking the public art. The park, however, contains ten Rijksmonumenten, or recognised monuments varying from the entry gates to the 18th-century estate.
  • 11 Stadsblokken-Meinerswijk. At the southern part of the river Rhine, west of the Nelson Mandela Bridge. A pleasant area to walk, bike and relax. Wild Horses and walk freely in this area.
  • 12 Park de Steenen Kamer and Westerveld, Drielsedijk 13A. Two parks within walking distance of each other, directly south of Meinerswijk en de Praets. They are separated by a road.
  • 13 Immerloo Park, Appelschahof. Built in the 1970s, Immerloo is a spacious park in southern Arnhem bordering Huissen. The park is spacious, hosting several events, mostly in the summertime.
  • 14 Park Klarenbeek, NL-6822 Arnhem. In the north of Arnhem, Klarenbeek is a quiet park with a forested and open area. The first of which sees a lot of change in elevation.
  • 15 Park Presikhaaf, NL-6826 Arnhem. Opposite the mall of the same name, Presikhaaf is a park mostly used by students of the University of Applied Sciences HAN, which borders the park to the north.
  • 16 Park Angerenstein, near Velperweg 137. A ten-minute walk from Presikhaaf Station, Angerenstein is the source of the Julianabeek. The park used to house a monastery, but nowadays only has a 17th-century estate along with its property. The park is free to visit, with the landscape around it having been revitalised in 2004/2005.
  • 17 Rijkerswoerdse Plassen and Jubileum Park. South of the city, bordering Elst, the Rijkerswoerdse Plassen are a summer hotspot. The park features two large artificial lakes created in the 1980s, one of which has a beach, which see a lot of use during summer, whether that be for swimming or water sports.


The city center in Arnhem has four major shopping areas, that are connected with each other. They are the Roggestraat, Ketelstraat, Vijzelstraat, Rijnstraat. It's a pedestrian zone and has a length of approximately 1,5 km. These streets are paved with shops and boutiques, and form Arnhems main shopping area.

In the southern part of Arnhem is the large shopping center Kronenburg. It offers free parking, and it houses a wide variety of shops, catering and supermarkets. In the north of Arnhem is a shopping mall called Presikhaaf which houses numerous shops and cafés.


Typical to Arnhem are the Arnhemse meisjes ('Arnhem girls'), a local type cookie. You can also enjoy a wide variety of traditional Dutch treats, such as stroopwafels, at many vendors and stores in Arnhem's city center. There's a wide variety of restaurants, especially in and near the city center, but also in the Kronenburg shopping center.

  • 1 La Rusticana, Bakkerstraat 58, ☏ +31 26 351 5607. W-Su 17:00-22:00. An acclaimed Italian restaurant in the city center. What's best about this restaurant is the food: delicious pastas and a mouthwatering funghi trifolati, all made with quality ingredients. It's an all-round quality restaurant with a professional staff and authentic appearance. Ask for the sorbet ice cream as dessert. €40.
  • 2 Restaurant Valkenburg, Westervoortsedijk 89, ☏ +31 26 361 52 00. Located along the river side, this place is half built on the water. It's rather vintage in terms of decoration but is widely praised for its excellent food. €35.
  • 3 Xu-Xi, Nieuwstad 16, ☏ +31 6 41480807. Tu-Su. A go-to place for sushi. The restaurant may not be the coziest one in town, but the food makes locals come back time and again. They do take-away too, but no delivery.
  • 4 Treffen, Markt 33. An Asian fusion restaurant. Plates are pretty and the food is delightful. The menu is small but varied and the 3 or 4 course choice menus strike a great balance between price and quality. €25 for 3 courses.
  • Trattoria Artusi, Oosterbeek - An authentic Italian restaurant.


For Arnhem's nightlife visit one of the many pubs, clubs and bars on and near the Korenmarkt, including The Cavern, Bloopers, Jules, Alpine Valley, The Manhattan, The Move and Mick O'Connels.

  • Babo, Bovenbeekstraat 28. Another place to enjoy wine, coffee and food. Everything is made or chosen for taste and quality. Pies and food are made by the staff.
  • nJoy, Bovenbeekstraat (near Babo).
  • Vrijdag, Velperbuitensingel 21a (behind Musis Sacrum). It's a simple but cozy bar. They serve good wine that goes well with the basket of bread with a variety of dips.


  • 1 Stayokay, Diepenbrocklaan 27 (At walking distance from Ziekenhuis Rijnstate, which is served by 3 buslines (3, 8 and 9) and also by nocturnal line N9.), ☏ +31 26 4420114, fax: +31 26 3514892, ✉ arnhem@stayokay.com. A hostel in the north of Arnhem. It's near the hospital Rijnstate on a main bus route from the central station. circa €35.
  • 2 Hotel Haarhuis, Stationsplein 1, ☏ +31 26 4427441, ✉ info@hotelhaarhuis.nl. A 4-star hotel opposite to the central station. Rooms from €90.
  • 3 Hotel Arnhem Centraal, Willemsplein 18, ☏ +31 26 3529830, ✉ info@hotelarnhemcentraal.nl. Near the city centre. It houses a Greek buffet restaurant (€19). Rooms from €80.
  • 4 Hotel van der Valk, Amsterdamseweg 505, ☏ +31 26 - 4821100, fax: +31 26 - 482 16 14, ✉ info@arnhem.valk.com. Rooms from €69.
  • 5 Hotel Landgoed Groot Warnsborn, Bakenbergseweg 277, ☏ +31 26 44 557 51, fax: +31 264431010, ✉ WarnsbornILA@ila-chateau.com. Elegant country-park hotel on the outskirts of Arnhem surrounded by 750 hectares of woodland. Rooms from €130.
  • 6 NH Rijnhotel, Onderlangs, 10, ☏ +31 26 4434642. Located on the River Rhine, this hotel offers 68 guest rooms with stunning views and many tourist attractions within a short distance. Rooms from €99.
  • Hotel de Bilderberg, Oosterbeek


  • 7 Camping Warnsborn, Bakenbergseweg 257, 6816 PB Arnhem (2½ miles NW or Arnhem centre), ☏ +31 264 42 34 69, ✉ Info@campingwarnsborn.nl. Has a recreation room with socket available (fir e.g. charging phones), seats and table. Wi-Fi available with extra charge. Separate field for “hiker &biker” though that seems to mean just with a tent. 1 person, 1 tent, 1 bike, 1 night, shower token, no electricity €10.30.

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From Arnhem, the Hoge Veluwe National Park and Veluwezoom National Park are just a hop away to the north. There are accommodations for the parks in the towns and cities surrounding it.

Arnhem and Nijmegen have very close ties, as a result, travelling from Arnhem to Nijmegen can be done witch ease, whether you're travelling by car (via A325) or train (direct line).

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