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I Pini del Marta
I Pini del Marta - dream vacation

Strada del PidocchioTarquinia

Casale Farnesiana B&B
Casale Farnesiana B&B - dream vacation

SS 1 Aurelia Km84 Loc. FarnesianaTarquinia

Casale Dinelli
Casale Dinelli - dream vacation

Strada Litoranea km 9+900Tarquinia

Palazzo Rosati
Palazzo Rosati - dream vacation

Cso Vittorio Emanuele 5Tarquinia

Villa Tarquinia
Villa Tarquinia - dream vacation

Via Litoranea Sud/sp45Tarquinia

Agriturismo San Matteo
Agriturismo San Matteo - dream vacation

Strada Litoranea Sud km 15Tarquinia

Hotel Brizi Country Chic
Hotel Brizi Country Chic - dream vacation

Strada Statale Aurelia Km 83Tarquinia

Hotel All\'Olivo
Hotel All\'Olivo - dream vacation

Via Palmiro Togliatti 13/15Tarquinia

Pegaso Palace Hotel
Pegaso Palace Hotel - dream vacation

Loc Voltone Marina VelcaTarquinia

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Tarquinia is a town in Lazio, Italy. At first site it looks like a miniature version of San Gimignano with its medieval towers but the main reason for visiting is that it has fascinating Etruscan tombs with wall paintings (UNESCO World Heritage Site), as well as a good museum on the Etruscans.

Trains run from Rome (mostly Roma Termini) and take about 1:30-2 hrs., cost about 7 Euro each way. Buses also run to and from nearby cities.

By car from Rome, take the Autostrada that runs northwest along the coast in the direction of Civitavecchia. Tarquinia is not too far after the end of the Autostrada at Civitavecchia but take care as the road is a popular stretch for the police to operate speed traps and catch you for overtaking illegally.

Get around

There's a local bus to the necropolis.


  • 1 The Etruscan Museum (in the Palazzo Vitelleschi in the main city square, close to parking areas). said to be the best Etruscan museum in Italy outside Rome.
  • 2 The Etruscan necropolis. At first sight, you may well be disappointed. You only see a barren piece of land with what look like workers' huts on a building site. However, each covers a set of steps going down to a tomb and you can turn on a light to see through the glass. Each tomb has a painting. Some are well preserved: others less so but when you consider that the paintings are 2500+ years old it is quite an amazing experience. Some of the better wall paintings have been removed to museums; if you cannot get to Tarquinia do not miss Rome's Etruscan Museum at Villa Giulia (Rome/North_Center)




  • La Cantinetta, Via 20 Settembre, 27, ☏ +39 0766 856810. A little hard to find but the pasta is worth it. It's a local Italian restaurant. You'll sit alongside tables of old Italians and young workers. The menu has a kitschy illustration and the pasta is made al dente. The seafood is a specialty of the region and is also very good.




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