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Casa el Porte
Casa el Porte - dream vacation

Ctra. El Socorro 358.- El PortezueloTegueste

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Tegueste is a municipality in the metropolitan area of Tenerife.


Tegueste is fairly small, and the most important sights can be visited in a single day, making it a great day excursion destination. The Tourist Information Office is the best place to start a visit.

  • 1 Tourist Information, Calle Manuel González 1, ☏ +34 675 59 70 11. M-F 08:00-10:00. Free.


Tegueste has been inhabited since the Guanche era, with archaeological remains of found in the Agua de Dios ravine, more specifically at Los Cabezazos. The town resisted Spanish invasion, but was eventually conquered in 1496, and the land divided among Spanish settlers. The city is constructed around the earliest cultural heritage of this period, known as the Tegueste el Viejo, around the Plaza de La Arañita.

From 1813 onwards, Tegueste has been an independent municipality. It has a steadily growing population which quadrupled in the 20th century to a total of 11,000 inhabitants. Its economy is traditionally agricultural, with a focus on vegetables and vineyards, and some livestock.


Tegueste is one of the highest municipalities on Tenerife, at 545 m above sea level. Its territory is completely surrounded by historical city San Cristóbal de La Laguna, being the only municipality with this feature on the island. It is one of only 3 landlocked municipalities on Tenerife, the others being El Tanque and Vilaflor.

The eastern side of Tegueste is very mountainous, with foothills of the northwest end of the Anaga massif. The central and western area is relatively flat and harbours the majority of the population in the valleys of the Tegueste and El Socorro. The highest point is 950 m above sea level.


Tegueste enjoys a Mediterranean climate with warm temperatures throughout the year and relatively low variations between seasons, providing a constant climate favourable for agriculture and vineyards. Nearly all rain falls in winter, whereas summers are slightly warmer but very dry. Despite its relatively high altitude, temperatures never drop below zero.

Get in

By air

The 1 Tenerife North Airport (TFN IATA) is just south of Tegueste, and the historic centre of Tegueste is only 6 km away by foot from the airport terminal. The airport serves mostly continental connections with the Spanish mainland. Iberia and Air Europa have daily services from Madrid, Air Europa and Vueling also offer connections from Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia, and Seville. In addition, a fleet of turboprop aircraft is operated by Binter Canarias to connect the different islands by air.

There are several international flights as well, from London Heathrow, Helsinki, Rome, Agadir, Casablanca, and Funchal.

By bus

There are 4 bus lines connecting Tegueste with surrounding points of interest:

  • Bus  050  connects Tegueste with San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Bajamar, and Punta del Hidalgo
  • Buses  051  and  057  connect Tegueste with San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Tejina, and Tacoronte
  • Bus  052  connects Tegueste with San Cristóbal de La Laguna with the Las Toscas and El Socorro districts

Get around

The easiest way to get around is by foot, the historic centre and side streets are pedestrianized and easily walkable.


  • 1 Agua de Dios Archaeological Site (Barranco de agua de Dios). Archaeological remains of the Guanche culture, with historically important caves in the Agua de Dios ravine.
  • 2 Historic Centre. The 16th century historic centre, characterized by colonial architecture.
  • 3 Church of San Marcos (San Marcos Evangelista). A 18th century plaza and convent church.
  • 4 Town Hall (Ayuntamiento de Tegueste), Plaza de San Marcos 1. Historic town hall in Spanish colonial style


  • 1 Bodega El Lomo, Calle El Lomo 18, ☏ +34 922 54 52 54, ✉ oficina@bodegaellomo.com. Winery in the ravine of El Infierno, producing some of the best wines of the Canarias due to the mild climate. A tour of the winery is complemented with an optional wine tasting session.


  • 1 Mercadillo (Mercado de Tegueste), Avenida Asuncionistas 6, ☏ +34 922 54 23 05. An open air market with numerous stalls selling local fruits and vegetables, wines, and bread. There is a small playground and a cafe as well.


  • 1 Restaurante Bodegon Casa Tomas, Antigua Carretera El Portezuelo 53, ☏ +34 922 63 69 71. M-Sa 12:00-23:30, Su 12:00-17:30. Road side restaurant far away from massive tourist crowds, specializing in Canarian food. Their typical dish is spare ribs with potatoes and sweetcorn, and white bean stew, all in very generous portions.
  • 2 Tasca Fernando, Carretera General a Punta Hidalgo 194, ☏ +34 922 54 42 77.
  • 3 Guachinche El Puchero, Calle Pobres 17, ☏ +34 628 43 48 78. Steak house and traditional Canarian food.
  • 4 Tasca la Enredadera, Carretera General 273, ☏ +34 922 54 42 77. Not very spectacularly looking from the outside, but the food is authentic with a focus on Spanish cuisine.
  • 5 La Bodeguita Del Colgadizo, Calle Jose el Rubiante 5, ☏ +34 922 54 23 18. Upscale restaurant in the centre of Tegueste, offering variety of foods with a kitchen open all day. Relatively expensive compared to nearby restaurants, but seating outdoor available.


  • 1 Bodega La Collera, Calle los Pobres 76, ☏ +34 620 95 95 54. Local winery with a great selection of the best wines of Eastern Tenerife.


  • 1 Villa La Oliva, Calle la Oliva 6. Bed and breakfast on a 10 min walk away from the historic centre.
  • 2 Chalet Anagato, Calle Urb. Lomo las Rías 18, ☏ +34 657 93 83 23. Vacation rentals on the outskirts of Tegueste. €36.


For those looking for work in Tegueste, the Employment Office is the best starting point.

  • 2 Employment Office Tegueste (Oficina de Empleo de Tegueste), Calle el Carmen 7.


  • 3 Post Office, Carretera Valle Guerra General 105, ☏ +34 902 19 71 97. Buy stamps, send and receive mail, buy postcards.

Go next

  • San Cristóbal de La Laguna — one of the oldest cities of the Canarias with a well preserved historic centre that is a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Anaga Rural Park — National Park and biosphere reserve with the largest population of endemic species in Europe

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